How a UAE employment contract can be terminated?

What are the possible conditions for termination of  a Job or employment contract based on UAE labour law?

If a non UAE worker exit UAE without canceling your visa or with out properly terminating his job contract, there are chances that he may get a Employment / Work permit / Labour Ban on his passport. He will be reported as absconding, he can reenter UAE only after lifting that BAN.

According to UAE Labour law Article 113 ( Termination of Employment) , a UAE employment / Job contract can be terminated under following circumstances:

a) If both parties , the employer and the employee mutually agree to cancel the job contract and the employee should give a written consent.

b) If the agreed contract period ends, unless it is extended according to the UAE law.

c) If the contract period is not specified and any party , the emloyer or employee wish to wind up the contract.

For more details check the UAE Labour Law PDF given at Website of  Ministry of Infrastructure development UAE

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