How to find GCC - GAMCA Authorized Medical centers in your city or country?

GCC Medical
If you have received a Job offer from any of the institutions in GCC ( Gulf Cooperation Council ) countries, it is mandatory to undergo a medical checkup procedure, which should be conducted at any of the GCC authorized medical centers in your country.

Gulf Approved Medical centers Association ( GAMCA )
The GCC States Bahrain, kuwait,Qatar, Saudi, Oman and UAE jointly setup an association called GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical centers Association) to monitor pre-departure medical checkup process and provide Medical Examination to expatriates to ensure they are medically and physically fit for services in GCC states. This process will assure that they are free from infectious and other diseases in order to protect GCC nationals from different health issues.

Validity of Medical fitness certificate
Job seekers should undergo medical test only in any of the medical centers approved by GCC GAMCA. The validity of medical Fitness certificate issued after the checkup is for 3 months. Make yourself fit before appearing for the medical test. So it is well suggested to do a prior checkup to confirm your heath before appearing for GAMCA medical checkup. If you are found unfit, then there is a chance of losing your job offer.

GAMCA has provided a web application in their official website through which the health & fitness results of the candidates are shared to all employers.
Website :

How to find GCC - GAMCA Authorized Medical centers in your country?
For finding valid GCC authorised medical centers please logon to   Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC ) Website and click on Medical Center list tab. This will open a Pop-up page. On the page Select your respective country and city and Click on  Generate List button. You will get the list of GAMCA authorized medical centers in your city. You can directly visit the page by taking the below given link:

GCC Website:
You may also search for GAMCA regional offices to find more details about authorised medical centers. Please check List of GCC authorised medical checkup centers    for valid centers in India.

The fee for medical checkup may vary according to each country in GCC and should be paid using a multi currency card.



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