How to create multiple twitter accounts with same email address?

Creating multiple twitter accounts with same email address (Using Gmail address)

You should be knowing that one person can have multiple Twitter accounts -- a Twitter account doesn't even necessarily need to be "owned" by a human being :).

For a New twitter account do the following:
1. Go to
2. In the "New to twitter? SignUp" section given your name and email address and password then submit
3. follow the steps to add the twitter link, icon image etc
that's your new twitter account is created

Now the question is can We create multiple twitter accounts under same email address.

Here I will explain how we can do with with a single gmail address.

Suppose you have a twitter account "twitter1" created using email address "" and you want to create other TW accounts with same email. Now here is the solution:

Before proceeding I would like to share some facts about GMAIL Address

Fact #1: When you create an email account with GMAIL, you are also given another valid email address which uses the domain name "".
For example, If your email address is "" then you can access another email Id like ""

Fact #2: You might have noticed that you can add periods (.) in your gmail account. actually this dots are ignored by the mail server.
For example, If your email address is "", the emails addressed to or will reach the inbox of

So considering the above two facts you can create multiple twitter accounts with same gmail aacount, but giving different varients of gmail address which points to same actual account.

Steps to create another twitter account is given below:
1. Log out of the Twitter website
2. Go to
3. Follow the procedure to create a new account; provide a unique email address & screen name & note your new password
4. You now have two Twitter accounts. Some Twitter applications support multiple accounts as well.

From the above examples you can create multiple twitter accounts by giving the email addresses given below, but these accounts points to the actual email account (follow the steps for creating another twitter account which is given at the top of the post ).

You may try this by opening you gamil account and try to send email to Your email by adding above said changes. You will get the email in your GMAIL inbox :)
try it and comment:)

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