This is an email message I received through a gmail friend circle. The content is regarding an agrricultural business proposal by Mr C. Ramakrishnan. I am posting this here. If any body interested in this oppertunity please contact Mr Ramakrishnan at the contact detail mentioned at the bottom of the post.

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This proposal is to start an agricultural farming project.

(1)Create wealth
(2)Create investment opportunities with good returns
(3)Propagate large-scale farming and thereby reducing cost and increase return

2. Introduction

Agriculture will remain the mainstay of world economy. With increase in population
there will be more mouths to feed and more agricultural production will be required.
Agriculture is already very profitable if done properly. With a rising economy,
agriculture will become more and more profitable and lucrative in the coming years
in India.

3. Organisation

The venture is proposed to be as a co-operative venture or as a limited liability co. The
organization will be managed by elected representatives of participants. Voting rights will have
to be mutually agreed upon by participants. A unit is proposed to be 5 acres. There is no limit in
ownership of land. Profit sharing will be on the basis of investment (number of units)

4. Viability and Location:

A minimum of 150 acres of land is required for a profitable operation of diversified
agricultural farm. Land should be purchased cheap to increase profitability. Land is available
cheap in certain pockets of Tamilnadu. Groundwater should also be available in abundant
measure. Crops should be selected to suit soil and locational features.

5. Crops

Crops can be decided only after knowing composition of soil, availability of water, quality
of water, marketability of produce, etc. Tentatively following crops can be considered in a
diversified manner: Paddy, sugarcane, coconut, tapioca, jojoba (kattu avanakku) for bio-fuel, alfa
alfa (fodder grass), casurina, different varieties of vegetables, etc can be considered. Mango trees
and other yielding trees/plants etc can be cultivated.

Cattle farm and poultry farm can also be setup.

6. Irrigation

Type of irrigation can be decided only after knowing the extent of land, crops, etc. Drip
irrigation together with sprinkler irrigation (this is required for fodder grass) may be required.

7. Marketing

Marketing strategy will depend upon circumstances existing at the appropriate time.

8. Other applications

A Holiday Home with a few self-contained rooms, a mini swimming pool (used water from this
pool can be used for irrigation), shuttle cock court, kitchen, sitting room, etc. can be constructed.
Number of rooms and facilities can be decided only after knowing requirements. This can be
used by participants as a holiday home for a few days every year.

9. Profitability

Profitability will depend on following factors: (1) cost of investment, viz. cost of land, fencing,
buildings, (2)operational expenses such as inputs such as cost of seeds/plants, cost of fertilizer,
labour cost, electricity, transportation, marketing cost, etc (3) prices of produce, etc. At current
rates, profit margins can range between 15% to 25% from 3rd year onwards. Profitability can be
increased by various other means which can be explored when need arises.

10. Other gains
(a) Cost appreciation of land
- Land cost will appreciate atleast by 5% once agreement for purchase is signed. Unless
land is purchased by participants as a total package, those seeking to join at a later
date will have to pay a higher rate.
- Will appreciate by another 15-20% once fencing is completed
- Will appreciate by another 30-40% once operation starts
- Will appreciate by 100% by end of 2nd year.


I had successfully managed an 80-acres agricultural farm in Sultanate of Oman in the 90s. We
have been cultivating alfa-alfa grass for a long time. We had 1 No. tractor with implements, 1
No. baler, sheds for storage, 4 Nos. submersible pump sets, a few cows, a small poultry farm, a
3-ton pickup van for transportation, a portacabin for residence of supervisor, residential sheds for
workers, etc.

I will be a participant and guide in this project. I am at present settled in Chennai.

Please let me know if anybody is interested. A minimum number of participants will be required
to prepare project report. Pre-operative expenses will have to be shared by participants.

C. Ramakrishnan, 99A, Elango Street, Thiruvalleeswarar Nagar, Annanagar West, Chennai-600

Phone: 919841218578

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