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Pravasi Pension Scheme for Non-Resident Keralites

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Kerala Non Resident Keralites Welfare Fund Board
There are a large number of people who are living outside India. Among them a good percentage belong to lower or middle income group. This large group of middle-lower income group face many fundamental problems during their life in the Gulf and when they return to their homeland. The saving habits and rehabilitation facilities available to them are also not very promising. Similarly a good percentage of keralites are living outside kerala and within India for their being. These Non-Resident Keralites (NRKs) are also facing similar circumstances as the NRIs.

Realizing such circumstances, Kerala State came forward with an unique initiative, first of its kind in the country, to setup a welfare fund to provide welfare schemes to NRIs and NRKs. Kerala Non-Resident Keralites Welfare Board came in to existence as per government Kerala Non-Resident Keralites Welfare Fund Act -2008. Current NRIs and NRKs , NRIs returned to India if having at least two years of NRI status can avail membership in this welfare fund. The Board organized many welfare schemes such as pension schemes, family pension schemes, medical aid, death assistance etc. More than fifty thousand NRIs and NRKs in together are members of the welfare fund.

The Act envisages the formation of the Welfare Fund through contribution from the registered members @ of Rs. 300/- per month as contribution from each Non Resident Keralite (abroad). Every Non Resident Keralite (abroad) member when returned and settled down permanently in the State has to pay Rs. 100 only. Non Resident Keralites (India) member has to pay Rs. 100 as contribution per month. Every deemed member shall contribute Rs. 50 per month.


Benefits to Members

Some of the benefits includes:  Pension Scheme,  Family Pension Scheme,  Pension Scheme for Invalids,  financial assistance to dependants of a deceased member, Financial Assistance for Medical Treatment, Accident cum Death and Health Insurance Scheme, Financial  Assistance to Marriage, Payment of Financial Assistance for Maternity, Assistance for Payment of Educational Grant, Assistance for Payment of  Loan for Housing & Self Employment and some other schemes are under governments discussions which will be implemented in future.     
  1. Pension to members and deemed members who had completed 60 years of age and had remitted contribution for not less than five years
  2. Family pension on the death of a member or a deemed member who had remitted contribution for not less than five years.
  3. Financial assistance on the death of a member due to illness or accident.
  4. Financial assistance for medical treatment of the members affected with serious illnesses
  5. Financial assistance for marriage of women members and daughters of the members and for maternity benefit to women members.
  6. Financial assistance or loans or advances to members for the construction of dwelling houses or for the purchase of land and building or for the purchase of land or for the maintenance of house.
  7. Financial assistance for education including higher education to the children of members.
  8. Self employment assistance to reputed persons
  9. Financial assistance to members incapacitated to attend work due to permanent physical disability
  10. Financial assistance investment in any company or firm or co-operative society or institution constituted under the Act.

How to Contibute?
Online & Pay-in-Slip remittance through any branch of INDIAN BANK (Phone: 0471-2323534 Pay-in-Slips are available from the below mentioned website.

For Queries:
Non Resident Keralites all over India can contact the Call Centre by using the Toll free number: 1800-425-3939

Non-Resident Keralites all over India and abroad can contact the KNRKWB* by using the numbers:

Land Phone Number +91 471 2785500
Fax +91 471 2785501
Mobile Number +91 82813 39439


Following form are available here:

  • Non Resident Keralites (Abroad) FORM 1A
  • Non Resident Keralites (Returned)- FORM 1B
  • Non Resident Keralites (India)- FORM 2A
  • INDIAN BANK Pay-in-Slip/Chalan Registration Fee Pay-in-Slip/Chalan
  • INDIAN BANK Monthly Contribution Pay-in-slip/Chalan
  • SBT Pay-in-Slip/Chalan Registration Fee Pay-in-Slip/Chalan
  • SBT Monthly Contribution Pay-in-slip/Chalan
  • Application Form for Financial Assistance for Medical Treatment of the Members Affected with Serious Diseases
  • Application form of Death Assistance & instruction
  • Application Form for Maternity Benefit
  • Application Form for Marriage Assistance
  • Application Form for Educational Grant

For Downloading application form and Chalan , please use the following link:

    Contact Address

    Head Office (Thiruvananthapuram / Trivandrum)
    NORKA CENTRE [II Floor], Near Govt Guest House, Thycaud PO, Thiruvananthapuram - 695014
    Ph : 0471-2785500, Fax: 0471-2785501, e-mail:

    Regional Office (Kozhikode)
    First Floor, Zamorian Square, Link Road, Kozhikode 02
    Ph : 0495-2304604

    Regional Office ( Ernakulam)
    Sree Sai Building, Ravipuram Road, Opp.SBT Bank (South), Kochi 682016
    Ph: 0484- 2357566
    Applicants from Ernakulam, Thrissur, Alapuzha, Kottayam and Idukki send applications to the Ernakulam Regional Office

    Liaison Office (Kottakkal, Malappuram District)
    Municipal Building-Taxi Stand, Kottakkal PO, Malappuram
    Ph : 0483-2744042


    In case you need further information please visit

    Non Resident Keralites all over India can contact Kerala Non-resident keralites welfare board Call Centre by using following Toll free number 1800-425-393.

    Non-Resident Keralites all over India and abroad can contact the KNRKWB by using following numbers:
    Land Phone Number +91 471 2785500
    Fax +91 471 2785501

    KNRKWB* => Kerala Non Resident Keralites Welfare Fund Board



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