Qatar Opening for Procurement officer / Sr. Quantity Surveyor / Estimaton Engineer

Forwarded Email:
  There are Vacancies for the following two positions .
Interested candidates can E mail the CV to arrange the interview.

contact: Shaheer A.M.

  1. Procurement officer:
The candidate should have at least 5 years experience in the procurement
of construction materials (preferrrably in Fit out materials)  capable to cope
with ERP system procedures of thecompany has a wide range of suppliers
for different materials good negotiation skills. Etc...

    2.  Sr. Quantity Surveyor / Estimaton Engineer:

The candidate should have at least 8 years experience in the Q/S and
Estimation / Pricing of construction projects (preferrrably in Fit out type
of projects)  Capable to study the tender documents, analyse and split
the same into trade packages. Verify the bills of quantities and/or establish
it in case it was not provided by the client. Seek quotations from suppliers
and subcontractors Analyse different quotations and prepares quotation
comparison sheets.

Capable of closing the bids documents by providing all necessary
supporting documents, compliance reports, technical data sheets, ...etc.
Has good knowledge about Fidic lumpsum and / or remeasured types of contracts.
Has good knowledge about pricing Prelims  Etc....



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