Information for Applicants

Nidhi Kadir Watson was an accomplished scientist and a medical doctor when she passed away due to cancer in 2007 at the young age of 31. She was an inspiration for her colleagues, professors and young doctors she was training.

She achieved a lot in academics and professional field during her short span of life. She was a graduate in Chemical Engineering with Honors from University of Texas at Austin. Then she pursued studies in medical sciences and graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her training for Doctor of Medicine in Neurology was at Rush Presbyterian Medical College in Chicago. Further, she continued her research and fellowship in Movement Disorders, published number of papers in medical journals. She was also the spokesperson for Rush Presbyterian Medical College and helped with fund raising for research activities and public awareness programs and was interviewed by the leading major TV News Channels in USA. At the time of her death in May 2007 Nidhi was the Associate Medical Director for Clinical Research at Abbott Laboratory, Chicago, U.S.A.

Nidhi Kadir Watson Program,here in after called PROGRAM. is established primarily by Nidhi's parents Kadirpillai Chollampattu and Tara Fatima and other interested individuals.

Dr Nidhi Kadir Watson Memorial Scholarships for eligible students are established by Nidhi Kadir Watson Program, here in after called PROGRAM. The PROGRAM is offering scholarships for students in Kerala to pursue studies leading to a Bachelors degree in the fields of engineering / technology / computer science / architecture / naval-architecture / arts / general science or medicine. One scholarship for Medicine will be awarded for year 2010.

Basis of Award:

The criteria for the selection of the Scholarship Award shall be based on the academic merit and financial hardship of the applicant. A panel of members elected by the PROGRAM shall select the scholarship winners based on merit and financial hardship of the candidate. The panel may also consider other criteria as defined elsewhere. The student will become eligible for the scholarship during the FIRST year of studies, provided the student has shown satisfactory performance in the preceding year. See Para 8.0.

Amount of Scholarship:

US$ 700 (equivalent Indian Rupees) per year for years of study.

Eligibility Requirements:


Student shall be enrolled in an accredited Medical College or University in a 4-year (8 semesters) course leading to a Bachelors Degree in Medicine.


The combined income of the student's parents shall be below Rs50,000/ year from all sources.


Applicant’s awards, honors and extracurricular activities shall be considered in selecting the scholarship recipient when more than one deserving candidates are identified based on academic merit and income criteria.


If the student has already accepted another scholarship, he/she shall provide complete details of such other scholarship(s).


Students that are not ranked in the first 3000 in the entrance exam will not be considered for an award unless they:

(i) Have scored above 85% marks for SSLC/ICSE/CBSE and Plus-2.

(ii)Present a compelling case for extraordinary consideration.


Students admitted through management-quota are not eligible for the award.


Application Guidelines:

During the student's course of study, if it is found that any willful misrepresentation of facts or false information has been used to win a scholarship award, PROGRAM will immediately terminate the student's scholarship. The student shall then return to PROGRAM may take appropriate legal action.


The student shall submit the completed application form provided by PROGRAM. Blank Application Form and Letter of Recommendation form may be downloaded form PROGRAM. web site

Photocopies of the blank forms are acceptable. Attach the following documents with application:

1. Copies of the Marks-lists for: (i) SSLC/CBSE/ICSE (ii) Plus-2.

2. Copies of Marks-list and Rank Certificate for Medical Entrance Examination.

3. Letter of Recommendation from a former or current teacher or head master or head mistress of student’s school.

4. Income Certificate including all sources, issued by Tahsildar / Village Officer.

5. Statement explaining type of agriculture, labour or business of parents/ guardian.

6. Details of awards, honors and extra curricular activities.

7. A letter or statement describing any extraordinary circumstances which you feel makes your application worthy of special consideration.

8. A statement providing details of scholarships, grants and non repayable financial awards the student may be receiving from sources other than the PROGRAM. Include amounts, duration of payment, source’s name and basis of award in your statement.


A recommendation letter in the given format must accompany the application. Applicant shall provide a copy of the blank ‘Letter of Recommendation’ form (downloadable from PROGRAM web site) to his/her head master or head mistress or a teacher of his/her school who can provide a confidential appraisal of the applicant. The completed and signed ‘Letter of Recommendation’ shall be placed in an envelope and sealed and shall be sent with the application.
Copies of mark list and rank certificate shall be attested by the Principal or Head of the Department of the Subjects where the student is currently enrolled. Incomplete will not be considered.


Application shall be sent by Registered Mail/Speed Post to:

Nawas Abdulla
I/640, Tharakandathil House
Neelathope, Asokapuram
Aluva - 683101, KeralaState

not later than December 30, 2010. Do not send any original mark lists or rank certificate. PROGRAM will NOT return any documents to the applicants.

Award of Scholarship:

Scholarships will be awarded before January 15, 2011. Students who are awarded scholarships will be required to submit a photograph and a signed affidavit affirming that he / she understood the terms and conditions under which the PROGRAM scholarships are awarded and renewed.



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